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Consulting in Efficient Water Management

We are a consulting company specialized in optimizing water management, with special emphasis on the control of non-revenue water. Our solutions aim to reduce energy and water consumption, optimize production costs and improve the environment.

ADVANCED WATER MODELING: Network inventory, genetic algorithms calibration, water quality models, transients and water hammer analysis, energy optimization, master planning, water safety plans, water supply assesment.



LOCALIZATION AND CONTROL OF WATER LOSSES: Leakage detection and prelocalization with acoustic sensors, permanent sensors implementation, generation of acoustic map, leakage, integral assessment.



HIDRAULICS SYSTEMS MONITORING: Field testing campaign, ultrasonic flow and pressure meters installation, automatic filtering of data process and time series analysis.



WATER DISTRIBUTION NETWORK SECTORIZATION: Development of IWA water balance, design and verification of DMAs, monitoring and advanced control of sectors, telemetry connection with BPM, ERP and CPM, advanced modeling connected to SCADA systems.



ACTIVE CONTROL OF PRESSURES: Advanced diagnostics of pressure vs losses relations, transient control, advanced monitoring of pressures, reduction measures and efficient control of pressures, installation of equipment for active pressure regulation in the network.



REAL TIME LEAKAGE DETECTION SYSTEMS: Advanced software for comprehensive control of real-time losses (model – SCADA connection), auto calibrated models, “in the cloud” applications, dedicated corporate systems.



WATER CONSUMPTION AND EFFICIENCY AUDITS: Inventory of mayor consumer installations, detailed audit, support software for audit management, water consumption analysis, advanced measurements, active control of investments, investment analysis, quality award in efficient water management policies.



WATER EFFICIENT USE PLANS: Institutional capacity building, management performance indicators, technology transfer, business process reengineering, implementation of programs for efficient water use, PPP public-private partnership formulas, financial models, cost recovery and pricing policies.



WATER MANAGEMENT IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: Networks inventories in rural or peri-urban areas, disseminated population analysis, unconventional management systems, “water committees” assessment, sustainable rural water management, water quality management, integrated water resources management, transboundary water systems, river basin sustainable development, cost recovery and pricing policies.