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Our vision

AQUAGEO is a private engineering firm whose purpose is the provision of specific and high added value consulting in efficient water management. Its scope is mainly the analysis, planning and design of hydraulic systems, especially in the field of urban infrastructure, water and sanitation.

Among the main challenges facing the water sector is the need for an efficient management of water resources, hydraulic infrastructure and water use to contribute to environmental objectives and sustainable use of water.

AQUAGEO was created to actively participate in the efficient management of water resources, orientated mainly to the efficient management of the infrastructures of the integral water cycle, water distribution processes and to promote a responsible consumption through efficient, rigorous and quality management models based on the proficiency and specialization in the integral water cycle.

Independence and specialization are essential factors to objectively perform our work and to ensure our clients have the confidence to receive a service free of external factors. We consider the internationalization of our services essential to acquire knowledge and experience that allows us to offer services of high added value.