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The AQUAGEO’s professionals team, creates AQUAGEO LEARNING SERVICES. It is a forum for training and specialization in different fields of  water distribution systems management.

The main goal of AQUAGEO LEARNING SERVICES is to provide specialized services to  water and sanitation operation companies, consultings, engineerings and public administrations, with the ultimate aim of improving their competitiveness and increase the efficiency on management training.


Our strength is based on our teaching team with over 20 years experience in all areas of water distributition and sanitation systems management, water resources, ports and coasts, irrigations and drainage systems.


This team is reinforced by agreements with an international learning centers distributed among Spain, Portugal, Colombia, the Netherlands and the United States.

The training offer that imparts AQUAGEO LEARNING SERVICES is distributed in the following fields:

  • Efficient water management in urban environments.
  • Advanced mathematical model of water supply and sanitation systems.
  • Master planning of hydraulic networks in developing countries.